This is a place where you can come to find an encouraging word, great insights on leadership and thoughts about life serving God through leading groups.

This project is a collaboration between some of the most amazing leaders Bayside has the honor of being able to work with. Since the focus of this project is small groups, most of the posts will come from our small group leadership. See the About Us page for more info on who these people are. We will also have guest posts from others who have a passion for small groups.

We are writing primarily for Bayside’s small group leaders, but we hope this will be of help and interest to people in groups, thinking abut leading groups, coaches, as well leadership teams from other churches.  After all, we are one Church.

This is not a place where we will tell anyone how something has to be. Rather, a place where people can share amazing God moments, revelation from scripture, personal experiences and practical application on all things small groups.

We look forward to bringing you a huge variety of thoughts from a great line up of small group thinkers and leaders.

We will be updating this quite often, so make sure you check in to see the latest and greatest.

We encourage you to leave comments and thoughts that may add to the thoughts we share.

Thanks for visiting CONNECT!

Bayside's East Campus Small Groups Pastor,
Sean Callaghan