About Us

Sean Callaghan
East Campus Small Groups Pastor

I’m a guy changed by the love, grace, and power of God. It is through the change that God has worked inside me that gives me the belief for others.  I really believe people can change.  I love spending time with my family and when I am not with them, you can find me on a golf course trying to break 80. 
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Julia Mateer
Lead Coach

I am a lover of Christ, a wife to a great man, mom to three blessings: Joseph, who is married to Shawna, Phillip, and Caroline. I am a “wanna-be-author”, and I LOVE helping women connect with one another and with their heavenly Father! 
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Terry Buchan
Lead Coach

Learning how to live in the love of the Father’s embrace.  Mom to two wonderful kids, Madeline and David.   Work full time with numbers and data, but after hours love to get real with other women, helping them fulfill what God has placed in their hearts.  Bayside continues to challenge me to grow in my faith and seeing God in new ways.   I am so excited to see what God has in store for this place! 
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Victor Powell
Lead Coach

Married to Judy Powell for 31 years on December 22nd!
Two fantastic sons: Matt and Clay.  I am so excited to see what God is doing in the lives of people at Bayside.  It is an amazingly awesome thing to watch people connect and build relationships.  When the weak are strengthened and transformed thru new friendships I am in awe of God.
I constantly ask myself two questions: " Where have I ever seen so many people have such awesome life changes ?" and " Why did I wait so long to come to Bayside?"I am looking forward to see " the world turned upside down" for Christ. Bring it on, Jesus! 
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Weyli Chang
Small Groups Coordinator and Lead Coach

I work for Bayside Community Church as the Small Groups Coordinator and assistant to Pastor Sean.  I love my job!  I have a huge heart for small groups and getting people connected.  It’s how my journey all began.  I love serving God and doing life with others!  If I’m not around Bayside, you’ll usually find me at my other profession teaching tennis to people of all ages.
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Jen Milne

I am married to my best friend, Dave and we have 3 beautiful, young children, Tanner, Jackson & Riley - everyday is an adventure!
Life is a tapestry and the more I live it, the more I am finding the beauty of the flip side... you know, the messy hodge-podge of threads, knots & tangles.  It is there, in the midst of our mess that the Father works miracles!  Encouraging women to embrace who they are in Christ and see their "mess" through Kingdom eyes is my passion.  Join me!

Bonnie McKinley

I celebrated 10 years of marriage with my husband Chris this year.  We have two beautiful daughters.  I love small groups!  There’s no better way to connect, to learn and to grow.  My husband and I have been involved in small group ministry for four years.
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Keith Olsson
Lead Coach

I have always felt that the heart of the church is face to face and I'm glad to be serving in a church of small groups. Lives are changed in the context of relationships, we are tenderly changed in the context of the greatest relationship that of the Father through Jesus Christ.  I know at first we grow by receiving and then we continue to grow by giving and in the process we just don't come to church we become the church. Community and small groups are truly the vehicle for changed lives one at time.
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Dale Woods
Lead Coach
Jesus is the best friend I have ever had and my heart's desire is to know Him more, please, serve and glorify Him each day! I was married for 35 years but am now single again. I love my family-the Lord blessed me with 5 sons, Joshua, Todd, Benjamin, Luke, and Chad and two daughters, Sarah and Katelyn through adoption. Three precious grandchildren He has added to my family! My roots are in Long Island, NY. Growing up near the ocean birthed in me a love for His creation so besides digging deep in God's Word, building relationships and helping others to know Him more, I enjoy taking long walks on the beach, watching the sunset, kayaking, hiking in the woods, and going on mission trips! 

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